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Online casino mini-games are becoming increasingly popular, simply because this category of entertainment is growing in popularity at an exponential rate. Some options even manage to keep the excitement of the games constant. Icefield is one of them, and not even MyStake's registered members would disagree! If you have any doubts, find out more about this title that never ceases to be talked about. Gameplay, features, stakes, winnings, etc., we explain it all to you.
Setting min$0.2
Max bet$1,000
Max gain$10,000
Icefield Casino Game Overview

Icefield Casino Game Overview

Also known as the "Yeti Game", Icefield is a mini-game designed by Turbo Games and available exclusively at MyStake Casino. It's similar to the 'minesweeper' type titles, where the idea is to complete a course without making a single mistake, or else the game will end. Here, you have to guide the famous Yeti through a not very safe ice floe. Some parts of the ground are indeed fragile, so beware of the icy bath! The further the snowman advances, the more your stake is multiplied, and this can last until the end of the game. The aim is to pocket the potential winnings, ideally after a clean run.

Making money on Icefield
How to play Icefield (Yeti Game)?

How to play Icefield (Yeti Game)?

The first thing you need to do to play is of course to register with MyStake online casino, if you haven't already done so. After filling out the forms and validating your registration, you can credit your newly created account with an amount that you can use to bet on the game as well as many others. All you have to do then is go to the "Minigames" section at the top right of the screen, point your cursor at the Icefield logo and click "Play".

Once the title has loaded, you can change the configuration of the frozen grid. This will allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty level, but also the payout odds. The more boxes on the screen, the bigger the winnings. The jackpot is awarded by a multiplier of 15.25 per bet, and can only be won on the 6 x 15 grid. Incidentally, there are 5 formats (l x L) of grids on Icefield, namely:

  • 2 x 3 format;
  • 3 x 6 format;
  • Format 4 x 9;
  • <5 x 12 format
  • Format 6 x 15.

Once you have chosen your configuration, you can place your bet using the settings buttons. The range of possible bets is from 20 cents to €1,000. So punters who aren't afraid of betting big will be right at home here, as will those who prefer to play with the handbrake.

As mentioned above, there are squares with a solid ice floor that you must move on consecutively. If the Yeti lands on a square with a fragile floor, the floor will break, causing it to fall and de facto lose your bet as well as your potential rewards. To avoid this, you can use the Cashout feature. It gives you the possibility to recover your winnings at any time during the game, thus limiting the risk of loss.

Icefield also introduces a "Random" feature thanks to which the choice of the next square is done randomly. This means you don't have to decide anything, and you just have to keep your fingers crossed that the computer makes the right choices for you.

Icefield also features a "Random" feature where the next square is chosen randomly.

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What are the advantages of the Icefield casino mini-game?

There are three main reasons why this game from Turbo Games on MyStake is so successful, and they all contribute to making it a great entertainment option.

All about luck

Much more than you might think, many casino games require players to have special skills. You have to be able to observe, calculate, bluff, etc. Icefield dispenses with most of this brain work, as it is 100% luck-based. The only thing you have to pay attention to here is the level of risk so that you don't push your luck too far. For the rest, the results are completely random.

Simple and easy gameplay

This game is no-frills and doesn't require complicated manoeuvres. Even a beginner can easily specify their bet from the on-screen buttons, activate the game options and select the move boxes. Betting, playing and crossing your fingers is really all you have to do. Such simplicity is greatly appreciated by players who are often exhausted from their poker or blackjack games.

Please note that the game is not only easy to play, but also easy to use.

Possibility to choose the difficulty level

As we said above, it is possible here to change the game grid. You can opt for a larger or smaller configuration, which allows you to change the risk rate. This is handy for cautious punters, but remember that the value of potential winnings is proportional to the difficulty level.

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How do I make money at Icefield Casino?

Being entirely based on luck, there is no point in hoping to establish a certain plan for winning at Icefield. However, a rigorous betting strategy can increase your chances of finishing games with profits. This strategy can be broken down into three points.

Start with low stakes

The first tip we give you is to play sensibly. Being careful about online casino games in general is a quality we encourage. Here, you can start with a small grid, place small bets to get a feel for the game and get a feel for whether you are on a good day. The goal is to find the balance between risk taking and winning. You can also use MyStake Casino's mini games bonus to increase your balance. This will give you more money to play with and give you more room to manage your bankroll.

Try the martingale

The martingale is a well-known and proven strategy in the betting world. Millions of people around the world use it, and on Icefield too you can try it. It consists of betting double your previous bet if you lose. This means that if you bet €2 and the Yeti unfortunately falls before you have collected the winnings, you will have to bet €4. If it fails again, bet €8, and so on until you finally manage to win.

If you follow this method rigorously, you will get all your lost bets back on the first win in the series. You can then start again from scratch, with €2. However, you need to have a substantial playing capital to use the martingale. Indeed, applying this strategy may require several tens of times your starting bet, as its value doubles with each loss.

Don't get too greedy

Every gambler's dream is to hit the jackpot, but the truth is that this is much easier said than done. With mini-games such as Icefield allowing you to have some control over your games, don't hesitate to use the cashout. As noted above, you don't have to go all the way through the ice grid before you win. After a few steps, you can cash out. So try not to be too greedy. In fact, the best way to make money is to accumulate small winnings. Therefore, you can settle for doubling, tripling or quadrupling your winnings with multipliers of 2.34x, 3.12x or 4.17x for which you need to progress only 3, 4 or 5 squares respectively on the 4 x 9 format grid.

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Is Icefield a reliable casino game?

To date, no complaints have been registered about the Icefield mini-game to our knowledge. The game is certified as Probably Fair, a duly proven cryptographic security technology. The title can be found in the game library of a casino that is also known for its reliability. MyStake is accredited by the government of Curaçao, and its team has always been very focused on player safety. If the game crashes or there is any problem, bets are refunded.

Play for free at

Icefield is available in demo mode on You can try it out for free to get a feel for the concept before moving on to real money mode. This is a process we often recommend to players who need to guarantee or practice on a given title. The free version has the same gameplay, game mechanics and payouts as the original title. If you want to practice hitting the €10,000 Icefield mini-game jackpot, playing the demo mode is definitely the best way to do it.

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What is the RTP of the Icefield game?

The redistribution rate of Icefield is relatively high. It is 97%, which is higher than the average generally observed. So you have a good chance of ending up with profits if Lady Luck is on your side.

Our review of the Icefield (Yeti Game)

The graphic design of this title is very appealing and well enhanced by sound effects and animations. The interface is simple and clear, and you will certainly be excited about the possibility of making money here. There are no auto-betting or double-betting features like many games, but Icefield doesn't really need them as it gives the player control over his or her games, with the option to stop and collect winnings or to continue winning. It's also worth noting that you can play this Turbo Games mini-game on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. The experience is no less rewarding than on PC and could even be more interesting!

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